Group Classes

Group Class are self-contained lessons, which can be taken in any order at a given level. All classes can be delivered live at one of our locations or through our online learning platform from any where.

The content of Group Classes covers the topics presented in the Multimedia Lessons and Student’s Book.

Group Classes place the students into a situation where they have to use the language actively. In this way, they can practice the vocabulary and structures that they learn.

Teachers start lessons with a short, informal introductory chat to help students relax. It is important for students to establish personal relationships with teachers and classmates and they should see that the teachers are interested in their progress and them as individuals.
Teachers then proceed with checking if homework has been done in the books. Teachers then reviews the structures the students have learned by applying them to real-life situations. Teachers may also test students on vocabulary from previous units to emphasize the importance of revision and repetition.
Before moving on to the activities in the lesson file, the teacher sets clear class objectives in term of language functions and communicates them to students. The teacher ensures that all students participate equally and everyone gets a chance to be active in the language activities.
At the end of the lesson the teacher spend more time reinforcing what has been covered in the lesson.

Finally, the teacher discusses Academic Reports with students. If a student seems to be having a serious problem with an aspect of their learning, they should be invited to attend a Progress Follow-up to clarify the problem. The teacher should advise the students to attend one of the planned Club Activities/Workshop lessons or even assign more homework from additional resource materials



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